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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
1:35 pm
Oh please!!
Dear The Bobs,
You might remember a high school senior fan emailing you three years ago asking to interview you for a senior paper on a cappella’s popularity in college. You might also remember talking to this senior on the phone while you were driving to your latest gig. I certainly haven’t forgotten. In case you might’ve forgotten (which I wouldn’t blame you), my name is Wren, and three years ago I was honored to be able to discuss a topic that we both shared interest in. Also three years ago, you played Purple Haze for my friend Elyse at your concert at the Somerville Theater. She still talks about that concert with great enthusiasm and joy.
I hope did remember to send you the completed paper. If I haven’t, I’ll be sure to send it your way with an apology. Anyways, the main reason for emailing you is that I would like to work with you as an intern for the months of January and February. At Bennington College, the school I currently attend in Vermont, the students are required to participate in internships during those months as a way to gain work experience (and to get away from the chilly winters that Vermont is famous for). This program is called Field Work Term, or FWT for short. I would like to spend my FWT working as an intern with you.
Since our last conversation, I have gained much in work experience. My first year at Bennington, I originally worked for the record studio that records Eminem and his various posse in Detroit, Michigan. Eventually I found myself working at the record label connected to the studio helping to promote such artists as King Gordy, a hip hop artist, and The Romantics, a rock group that was trying to make a comeback. That was an amazing experience I can tell you. Last year, I had the good fortune to work in Austin, Texas, with a non-profit organization called Texas Folklife Resources. We collaborated on producing a gospel/spiritual a cappella concert at Huston-Tillotson College. The various jobs I was involved in getting this thing off the ground included promotion of the concert at the other local colleges, contacting radio and TV stations, helping to design flyers and posters, getting lunch for the office, shlepping everything and anything, providing tech support (I setup the office with wireless internet all by myself, thus saving the office hundreds of dollars), and I’m quite good on Photoshop. The fruit of our labor, the concert, was a once in a lifetime success. I was witness to quite possibly the first fusion of traditional Jewish music and traditional African-American spirituals. This past summer, I had the amazing fortune to catalogue and archive important historical documents for Club Passim, which I believe you might have performed at one point. One of the highlights of that experience was holding in my hands unpublished Bob Dylan lyrics, which were written at the home of the executive director of Club Passim, Betsy Siggins.
The next logical step in my internships is to follow a group on tour and see how that aspect of the music world works. I’m hoping you’d enjoy having an eager, music loving, hardworking, upperclassman from a liberal arts college working for you. I have a very reliable 89 Toyota Camry, experienced and perfect for any job. As mentioned before, I have skills in the digital realm, and of course I love a cappella music. Since our last encounter, I have had the pleasure of performing Georgian folk singing as well as a rearranged version of Monteverdi’s Orfeo. As I write this email, I am late for rehearsal for a Meredith Monk performance piece called A Celebratory Service.
I hope that we can work something out. Included in this email is my resume if you are interested.

Wren Leader
Thursday, September 15th, 2005
8:22 pm
BOOYA FIRST TO JOIN AND POST (other than Wren, but that's kind of a given)

Here's their version of Helter Skelter, sent to me by dear Wren

Current Mood: excited
12:01 pm
8:33 am
Artist: The Bobs
Song: Slow Down, Krishna
(c) 1990 Gunnar Madsen and Richard Greene, Best of Breed Music (ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Your red Trans Am goes way too fast
Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Or your current life may be your last

Krishna is a holy man
An example to us all
It’s curious the choice he made
When he bought a car last fall
We sent him out to buy a bus
To carry us around
What a big surprise it was
To hear that throaty sound
He drove up in a new Trans Am
With windows tinted black
Seats like buckets, leather brassiere
But there is no room in back
No, there is no room in back

Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Your red Trans Am goes way too fast
Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Or your current life may be your last

Krishna is a humble man
He’s quiet and reserved
But when he gets behind the wheel
We all become un-nerved
A ride with Krishna is a test
Of faith in the hereafter
He squeals his tires and passes right
And then he howls with laughter
Oh, Krishna, stop your laughter

Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Your red Trans Am goes way too fast
Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Or your current life may be your last

He says he’s rolling to Nirvana
Leaving behind all earthly desires
Krishna, Krishna, can’t you see?
You can’t get to heaven on T/A tires

In meetings as we meditate
We hear that sound a-screeching
Krishna, please, your car alarm
It interrupts the teaching
Krishna says we should enjoy
Our time upon this planet
But while we wear our sandals thin
He’s driving round with Janet
Oh, Krishna, who is Janet?

Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Your red Trans Am goes way too fast
Slow down, Krishna, slow down
Or your current life may be your last
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